Plate By Number

Plate by Number™ is a visual inspiration meal guide. Plate by Number™ presents 365 beautifully photographed menu ideas that can be easily prepared and plated by replicating the meal presentation and the ingredients listed alongside the photos in the Plate by Number™ cookbook. That’s a meal idea for every day of the year!



When divorce exiled the author from his comfortable home, he sought refuge in a warehouse, which had a refrigerator and a microwave oven for breakroom-like meal preparation. Initially, most of his dining was off-premises at all-you-can-eat buffets. But, as he settled into his warehouse life, he invested in an as-seen-on-TV hotplate set, which was bundled with one pan and one pot. He next bought some inexpensive utensils and glass plates from a local housewares store. He also procured a small, cheap tabletop oven at a big-box store, and managed to provide meals for himself.
With his refrigerator, microwave oven, hotplate, one pan, one pot, basic utensils, and the little “easy-bake” oven, the author commenced to experiment and surprised himself with nutritious meals that were also fun and pretty. Over time, he added a waffle iron and some other useful kitchen implements. Soon after, he began recording his meals with the camera on his mobile phone and sending the photos to his children and other friends as a means of staying in touch. Some enthusiastic friends encouraged him to assemble the photos into this cookbook.
ALL of the dishes created for this book were dreamed up by the author and cooked in his little warehouse kitchenette.
The author invites you to eat well by replicating meals from this kicked-to-the-curb cook’s cookbook. Enjoy!


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